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Los Angeles on Sale

Jump aboard a tour to the star’s homes, explore glamorous boulevards.

Return flights from $ 1,089.00 per person*

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San Francisco on Sale

The relaxed vibe of San Francisco is guaranteed to appeal.

Return flights from $ 1,289.00 per person*

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Wild Wild West

Experience the breathtaking scenery and fascinating history of the true South West on this unique road trip that combines the well-known icons with some undiscovered and rarely visited gems.

13 day journey from $ 1,799.00 per person twin share*

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Deep South Music & Heritage

Discover Civil War history, experience delicious fresh seafood and Southern cuisine and embrace the amazing music and culture of the South.

16 day journey from $ 3,075.00 per person twin share*

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Cycling in Mexico

From Yucatan’s backroads to the picturesque Riviera Maya, explore the best of Mexico on this amazing cycling journey.

10 day journey from $ 3,115.00 per person twin share*

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Pacific Northwest Peaks & Pours

An exploration of the Pacific Northwest’s unrivalled beauty combined with some of the most imaginative craft beers in the country.

9 day journey from $ 3,799.00 per person twin share*

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Spotlight on Native America

Immerse yourself in Native American history. Visit the Hopi, who have lived on three Mesas in northern Arizona for thousands of years, and be a guest of the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the South West.

15 day journey from $ 3,935.00 per person twin share*

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Yosemite, Tahoe & Monterey Walk

Discover stunning coastal cities and the breathtaking scenery of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and Monterey on this 9 day walking journey.

9 day journey from $ 3,939.00 per person twin share*

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New England Spectacular Fall Foliage Summer 2018

Embark on this quintessential autumn holiday in a truly picturesque corner of North America, brimming with Americana and alive with the spectacular colours of an Indian Summer.

7 night tour from $ 4,046.00 per person twin share*

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East Coast USA and Canada

Grab a slice of the Big Apple before immersing yourself in this young nation's quest for liberty and equality, from the corridors of the Capital to the simpler Amish way of life, and on to the thunderous roar of Niagara Falls and Canada's cosmopolitan cities.

13 night tour from $ 5,305.00 per person twin share*

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Scenic Parks Explorer

Carve a trail through America's National Parks-past mystical chimneys in Bryce Canyon, imposing mesas rising up from the red floor of Monument Valley, and the rock-hewn faces of former presidents. Complete your adventure with Happy Pappy's cookout and the vast panorama of Grand Canyon before you.

14 night tour from $ 5,935.00 per person twin share*

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From Cuban Cigars to American Cars

Venture down the colourful, cobblestone streets and past grandiose colonial façades, tracing the history and traditions of a cosmopolitan island nation from the comfort of a 1950's Oldtimer. Discover a time when pillaging pirates roamed these waters and a revolution stopped the clocks, retaining Cuba's intoxicating vintage charm.

8 night tour from $ 6,136.00 per person twin share*

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Best of Eastern Canada and USA

Cosmopolitan cities embodying the eastern portion of North America blend perfectly with natural wonders and fun activities.

15 night tour from $ 6,926.00 per person twin share*

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Classic South America Luxury Gold Summer 2018

South America is a vast continent, rich in natural wonders, historic cities, imposing monuments and cultural complexity. Yet, from this wondrous palette, Luxury Gold has fashioned a harmonious holiday, steeped in opulence, layered in the Latin way of life.

10 night tour from $ 8,669.00 per person twin share*

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Vancouver on Sale

This glittering city is surrounded by breath taking scenery.

Return flights from $ 1,519.00 per person*

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Honolulu on Sale

Prepare to ‘hang loose’ and slow down to island time.

Return flights from $ 849.00 per person*

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qantas 3

Around the World Aboard a Privately Chartered Qantas 747!

What an incredible travel experience! A 20 Night Around the World 'Air Cruise' ex Sydney Return departing 22 April 2018. Fares start from just $21,649 per person share twin

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Top 10 Unique Journeys

From wildlife safaris in Africa to the colonial charm of Cuba we have everything to make your holiday a trip of of a lifetime! Here are 10 places for those that want to make their next trip a unique experience. 9 days from $2,220 per person

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Adventure World

Adventure World's 'Worldwide Collection'

Adventure World's tailor-made brochure showcases an incredible collection of hand-picked, curated soft adventures to some of the world's most exotic and unique destinations.

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